Ben & Glenn's After Hours #1


We are excited to introduce our new podcast, BEN AND GLENN'S AFTER HOURS: a new weekly podcast hosted by former 2020 Sanders organizer Ben Mora and journalist Glenn Greenwald, to discuss all matters political, journalistic, and cultural.

The debut episode of BEN AND GLENN'S AFTER HOURS (on the player above) introduces Ben, examines his trajectory to a short-lived career as a political organizer, and draws lessons about what his firing says about media, politics and class.

From Glenn: Ben is one of the smartest, funniest and most heterodox observers of politics around. We’ve been unwittingly conducting our own private weekly podcast and decided it would be worth making it public. I think everyone, no matter where one falls on the political spectrum, will benefit from his unique perspective and insights.

The first two episodes will be freely available, though some subsequent episodes will be for subscribers only (anyone who already subscribes to my Substack will automatically be a subscriber to this podcast).