No Banter Allowed - Ben and Glenn’s After Hours #2


The second episode of BEN AND GLENN’S AFTER HOURS discusses listener feedback to the debut episode, experiments with a strict no-banter rule, examines Silicon Valley’s creeping censorship over political content as illustrated by Instagram’s suppression last week of an anti-Biden meme, and discusses The New York Times story of the Virginia high school girl whose acceptance to the University of Tennessee was effectively rescinded when a classmate posted a 3-second video message she had sent three years earlier, when she was 15 years old, that contained the “n” word.

[Please note that while we resolved many of the technical irritations from the first episode, including sound volume and balancing, we are still working on some remaining issues, including an occasional delay in our communication that makes it appear that we are speaking over one another or interrupting each other when we, in fact, did not. The audio will also have further significant improvements for the next episode due to new equipment. We intend to have all of these technical issues fixed by the next episode, though substantial progress was already made from the debut.]

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